What do the cards hold for you?

Welcome to Pamela Tarot...enchanting entertainment for festivals and fairs, conferences and conventions, meetings and expos, parties and showers and other special events.

Tarot is a mystical and wondrous adventure...78 cards full of symbols, colors, archetypes and artwork that can tell a lot about the past, present and future. With its Major and Minor Arcana, four suits, Court cards and more, Tarot can ask and answer important questions, offer guidance and reveal secrets. How can a deck of cardboard cards do all this? That's the mystery of the Tarot...exactly why every single Tarot reading is so fun and exciting! 



 Meet PAMELA ... Ready to Read For YOU in Southwest Florida! 
Pamela is an experienced, compassionate and intuitive Tarot card reader,
available for Tarot card readings in Punta Gorda, Englewood, Northport, Charlotte County, Fort Myers, Sarasota and Naples for entertainment at Tarot parties, meetings, conferences, ladies nights, wedding and baby showers, fundraisers, birthday and holiday parties and other special occasions. Pamela has read Tarot at the St. Louis Renaissance Festival and the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, Fishermen's Village Pirate Fest and New Year's Eve celebrations, Sarasota Medieval Fair and many more events in Southwest Florida. For a memorable event, be sure to include Tarot card reading by Pamela! Check out the Testimonials page to see what clients have to say about Tarot readings by Pamela.

I am pleased to announce I am available to read Tarot cards by Skype or email. Both are payable in advance through PayPal. $40 for a 30-minute Skype reading, which must be pre-scheduled  For information, please call Pamela at (573) 462-6476. Thank you!!


For more information or to book a Tarot reading event with Pamela, please phone or email:

(573) 462-6476


Pamela's Certifications

Pamela is a Certified Tarot Reader as recognized by the Tarot Certification Board of America ( and she has qualified for the Endorsed Reader Program of the Tarot Guild (




HALLOWEEN is coming!
Add Tarot to make it a memorable event!

Want to learn Tarot?
Ask me about my Introduction to Tarot
class for beginners. Designed for groups of up to 10, it addresses Tarot history, decks, spreads, card meanings, techniques and more. Please contact me if you'd like more info or to arrange a class time.